Connected care for our communities

Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) are teams of local healthcare providers that, under the provincial government’s new healthcare reforms, will come together to improve access and provide higher quality care to their communities. There are four distinct but interconnected goals of the proposed Southlake Community OHT:

  • Improve the health of the community
  • Improve how patients and their families experience the healthcare system
  • Improve provider satisfaction and reduce clinician burn-out
  • Improve value, efficiency and system sustainability

“By partnering together, we can improve access to care and better support families and caregivers as well.”

Rebecca Shields, CEO, Canadian Mental Health Association York Region and South Simcoe

“We are dedicated to ensuring people have access to high quality primary care, which is the basis for seamlessly accessing all parts of the healthcare system.”

Dr. David Makary, family physician, Southlake Academic Family Health Team

“Together with our partners, we are committed to strengthening our local system to enhance coordinated care and services for frail older adults in our community. We will ensure they receive the best healthcare and services available, enabling them to live independently, safely and with dignity in their own homes as long as possible.”

Christina Bisanz, Chief Executive Officer, CHATS

“Our collaboration will focus on keeping people healthy at home, addressing overcrowding at Southlake, and significantly reducing the number of people that need to come to the Emergency Department for care.”

Arden Krystal, President and CEO, Southlake Regional Health Centre