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Hearing from the people who will eventually receive care from the proposed Southlake Community OHT is critically important as we, a group of independent healthcare organizations, determine how best to work together and plan for the future.

Join the Southlake Community OHT Network Table(s) Intake for 2021/2022

As a part of the Southlake Community Ontario Health Team (OHT), Network Tables have been established with the goal of providing opportunities for broad collaboration across partner organization working toward realizing an exciting vision for the future of healthcare in our communities.

Our current Network Tables represent:

  • Community Support Services
  • Community Mental Health (includes addiction services)
  • Homecare
  • Long-term Care
  • Primary Care Administrators

Network Table members will have the opportunity to engage in information sharing, engagement opportunities and involvement in OHT Collaboration Projects. Opportunities through your participation in a Network Table will provide a pathway to more formalized participation within the OHT structure (e.g. becoming a Network Table Lead, serving on the Joint Executive Steering Committee [JESC] of the OHT). An annual process has been established to refresh, expand and broaden representation.

Please click here for the application package. You can also click here to fill out an expression of interest form. The application deadline is March 31, 2021.

Join the Southlake Community OHT Patient, Client and Caregiver Partnership Council

The Southlake Community OHT is looking for passionate patient, family and caregiver partners to join our Patient, Client and Caregiver Partnership Council. The council will serve as the voice of patients, residents, clients, family members and caregivers and will provide advice and guidance through the implementation of the Southlake Community OHT.

Applicants should be a current patient, resident, client advisor or caregiver partner with one of the OHT partner organizations. Ideally, you should have lived experience/perspective associated with one or both of our first priority populations (mental health and addictions, older adults with complex needs). You cannot be an employee, clinician or Board member of one of the partner organizations (or an immediate family member of an employee/clinician/Board member).

Please click here for the application package. The application deadline is March 5, 2021.

Upcoming events

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Patient Engagement Survey

Click here to complete a survey about your experience accessing local healthcare services and what improvements you feel should be made as we plan for an OHT.

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