By joining a Network Table, you are able to participate in working groups, identify opportunities for collaborative initiatives and stay up to date on the exciting work happening amongst our OHT partners.

As a part of the Southlake Community OHT, Network Tables have been established with the goal of providing opportunities for broad collaboration across partner organizations working toward realizing an exciting vision for the future of healthcare in our communities.

Our current Network Tables represent:

  • Community Support Services
  • Community Mental Health (includes addiction services)
  • Homecare
  • Long-term Care
  • Primary Care Administrators

Network Table members will have the opportunity to engage in information sharing, engagement opportunities and involvement in OHT Collaboration Projects. Opportunities through your participation in a Network Table will provide a pathway to more formalized participation within the OHT structure (e.g. becoming a Network Table Lead, serving on the Joint Executive Steering Committee of the OHT, etc.).

An annual process has been established to refresh, expand and broaden representation.

Network Tables will hold regular meetings to discuss OHT developments, get input on key issues, seek feedback, and more. Network Table leads will provide regular updates at JESC on activities of their Network Table and perspectives/concerns of Network Table members.

Where appropriate the OHT will solicit Network Table participation in the development and implementation of Collaboration Projects.

In order for expectations regarding goals and participation to be clear for all members in advance, we have outlined the anticipated time commitment and expectations below.

  • Network Table meetings (frequency and length) will be determined by each Network Table based on the needs of the members, the number of OHT initiatives underway, etc.
  • Network Table leads will be elected by their Network Table and will serve on the JESC, which meets bi-weekly.
  • The expectation is that any meeting materials distributed in advance will be reviewed prior to discussion.

The Southlake Community OHT is looking for passionate service provider organization members who will come together to engage in information sharing, engagement opportunities and involvement in collaboration projects throughout the implementation of our OHT for 2021/2022.

Organizations that fit the following criteria are eligible to submit an EOI to join the OHT (i.e. join a Network Table):

  1. Provides healthcare and/or social services;

2. Currently works within our core geographic catchment area (Newmarket, Aurora, BWG, EG, Georgina);

3. Is associated with one of the current Network Tables:

  • Community Support Services
  • Community Mental Health (includes addiction services)
  • Homecare
  • LTC
  • Primary Care Team Administrators

4. Alignment with two initial priority populations and associated initiatives;

5. Broader strategic alignment (to the OHT vision, values, etc.); and
6. Brings resources, skills and perspectives that will help the OHT develop in the coming year.


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