The Patient, Client and Caregiver Partnership Council serves as the voice of patients, residents, clients, family members and caregivers of the Southlake Community Ontario Health Team (OHT). A patient, client, caregiver partner is a person who brings their experience along with the inclusion of all perspectives, especially the vulnerable populations, of what it is like to be a patient, client, family member or caregiver with the goals of co-designing to a decision making table or to a group working on a project with a common cause.  A partner looks at the strategic vision and trends in patient care to bring forward recommendations which provide important context and perspective to decision makers of the OHT.

The Southlake Community OHT is looking for passionate patient, client and caregiver partners to join the existing Council.

Ideally applicants should be a current patient, resident, client advisor or caregiver partner with one of the OHT partner organizations and have lived experience/perspective associated with one or both of our first priority populations (mental health and addictions, older adults with complex needs). You cannot be an employee, clinician or Board member of one of the partner organizations (or an immediate family member of an employee/clinician/Board member).

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Patient, Client and Caregiver Partnership Council, please review thePatient, Client and Caregiver Partnership Council Role and Background and complete and submit the expression of interest form. Applications close on December 3, 2021.

Below are some resources to help those interested in learning more about the Southlake Community OHT and the Patient, Client, Caregiver Partnership Council:

For questions about the role or for more information please contact Thivya Sornalingam at


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