For Healthcare Providers

Background materials

The OHT model represents a bold shift in the structure and delivery of healthcare in Ontario, towards a system of fully integrated care underpinned by a focus on population health management. We have pulled together a series of resources to provide a high-level introduction to the OHT model and our early planning for interested local clinicians.

Ontario Health Teams: Guidance for Health Care Providers and Organizations (from the Ministry of Health)
Click here to read this document which goes into the OHT model in more detail.

RISE (Rapid-Improvement Support and Exchange)

In order to support the development and implementation of OHTs across the province, an exciting new community of practice has launched. RISE’s mission is “to contribute to the Ministry’s OHT Central Program of Supports by providing timely and responsive to Ontario-based ‘rapid-learning and improvement’ assets”.

One of the most useful products that RISE has released to date are a series of concise briefing notes (or ‘RISE briefs’) to summarize a number of critical areas of importance for newly forming OHTs. We believe the following RISE briefs are especially relevant for local providers looking to learn more:

  • Population health management – a solid primer on what is perhaps the most important overarching strategic priority that every OHT will need to focus on.
  • Collaborative governance – to support leaders from numerous independent organizations as they come together for shared decision-making to support the Quadruple Aim.
  • Accountable Care Organizations – as the OHT model is similar to that of the U.S. ACO approach, this primer highlights lessons we can adapt in Ontario from experiences south of the border.

To learn more about RISE, click here to visit their website.

Clinician and provider engagement

Over the last five months we have held a number of engagement sessions with organizations, groups of providers and individual clinicians from across our communities. We have held an open large group engagement session for provider organizations as well a town hall for local primary care providers which attracted over 30 primary care physicians and nurse practitioners from our communities.

We have also had informative discussions with staff at various local provider organizations.

Upcoming sessions

Numerous engagement sessions are being planned for the coming weeks and months. When details are confirmed they will be posted here.

Coming soon: FAQs for clinicians and provider organizations.

Southlake staff survey – barriers to collaboration

The best improvement ideas always come from frontline team members. In April 2019, Southlake surveyed our staff to better understand the challenges they face when it comes to collaborating with other parts of the healthcare system. 550 staff responded. Click here to see the results.

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